ache ; a mix for two people that never should have fallen in love.

i. ghouls, we are scientists ( this happens all the time; it’s kind of our routine ) ii. waiting game, banks ( and if i’m feeling like i’m evil we’ve got nothing to gain ) iii. telegraph avenue, childish gambino ( but you still don’t have the time to kiss me / just hit me ) iv. little bit, lykke li ( and for you i keep my legs apart / and forget about my tainted heart ) v. walls, stars ( tell me how i sleep / tell me how i wake up / tell me how i dream ) vi. sometime around midnight, the airborne toxic event ( you just have to see her / and know that she’ll break you in two ) vii. another love, tom odell ( i wanna kiss you, make you feel alright / i’m just so tired to share my nights ) viii. million dollar man, lana del rey ( i don’t know how to get over / someone as dangerous, tainted, and flawed as you ) ix. the suburbs, mr little jeans ( your part of town against mine i saw you standing on the opposite shore / but by the time the first bombs fell we were already bored ) x. btsk, ms mr ( a million one reasons to end before you start ) xi. tomorrow, daughter ( don’t bring tomorrow / ’cause I already know / i'll lose you )

me: soul mates don't exist.
me: unless they're my otp.
me: I don't believe in love at first sight.
me: unless it's my otp.
me: teenage love is never going to last.
me: unless it involves my otp.

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Autumn Series: boots

calstattoo asked → Ashton in beanies or fedoras

eight favourite fc's i've played
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  1. Nicola Peltz
  2. Louis Tomlinson
  3. Willa Holland
  4. Daniel Sharman
  5. Danielle Campbell
  6. Chace Crawford
  7. Zoey Deutch
  8. Dylan O’Brien

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Theme 06 Update 8.12.14 (Click on photo for better look)
Live Preview (400px Posts) - Static Preview (250px Posts) - Code 

Theme includes:

  • 250px Posts + 400px Posts (Added the second option later)
  • Music Player (It looks good with the flash-mp3-player tbh)
  • Counter (Because everyone likes these things)
  • 5 Hovers (Yeah)
  • 4 Extra Links (The title is an extra link js)

So if you use this theme, Like or Reblog this post. Please and Thank you. It’s been a while since I had an idea for a theme update. OTL 
I just got back from a mission trip so— I’m trying to get back in the coding game lol bye



how i feel when i wear glasses vs how i feel without them. by AlliCattt

where’s her oscar because this is a full movie in 6 seconds